Whatever the symptom, I want to eliminate the problem -

     Sheri Bergman, LMT

I have been working in my field for 24 years, collaborating with chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, naturopaths, and medical doctors. My experience in treating injuries and chronic pain come from my 20 years working in an office alongside chiropractors and physical therapists. I opened my private practice four years ago because I wanted the freedom to provide clients with the most effective therapy possible. I have a very focused approach and educating the client is an important part of what I do. I love working with specific problems and injuries and have decades of experience working with...

                                     ~ headaches/migraines
                                     ~ sciatica
                                     ~ carpal tunnel symptoms
                                     ~ neck and back pain
                                     ~ disc related issues
                                     ~ tendinitis
                                     ~ rotator cuff injuries
knee pain

I use Neuromuscular Therapy to address symptoms mentioned above because it's very effective in eliminating pain and the cause of the pain. I use Craniosacral Therapy because it's very effective for systemic issues and problems related to restricted fascia. It addresses many of the ailments mentioned above and...
                                     ~ concussions    
                                     ~ vertigo
                                     ~ facial pains

                                     ~ sinus pressure/pain/infection                          
                                     ~ nervous system distress

                                     ~ digestive system distress
~ TMJ and more

Craniosacral therapy and muscle therapy are very different from each other, yet both are very effective when used in the right circumstances. I have studied many therapies over the years, but have chosen these two modalities as my primary methods of treatment because of how effective they are and how different they are from each other. As I continue to learn new theories and techniques, I eagerly add them to my toolbox of skills. The learning never ends because new ways to address and help the body heal itself are discovered every day.

I consider myself a "treating" therapist, not a maintenance one. Seeing an Lmt once a month has become quite a popular trend, but I want to be the therapist you call when you have a pain or problem you need resolved. I am definitely not your typical Lmt, so if you're looking for something different, I just might be the therapist for you.

Call or text me at 614-309-6608 and I will respond to you as quickly as I can.
Schedule online at your convenience at

7870 Olentangy River Road, Ste 312, Columbus Ohio 43235
Where 315 North ends at 270 and becomes Olentangy River Road.
It's the building left of The Hills Market.
(Worthington Hills Area)

One Hour: $85.00
Obtaining a simple prescription from a MD, DC, or DDS saves you from paying sales tax. The script is kept in your chart and is good for one year.
Cash, Check, or Charge
HSA and FSA's accepted

Consider wearing comfortable clothing to your appointment. If you're coming for extremity pain, a pair of shorts and/or tank top is a good idea.

Email me at sheribergman@hotmail.com